Game observations

This might have been as frustrating a loss as any the Dolphins have suffered this season, mostly because this was the one where you really could question some of the decision-making. In particular, why, oh why, did the Dolphins abandon the running game when they got close to the Atlanta goal line late in the game when that's what got them there in the first place?

Coach Nick Saban said after the game it was easy to second-guess the decision to have Gus Frerotte throw the ball on third-and-2 from the Atlanta 8 late because it resulted in a game-losing interception.

But the truth is that it would have been a bad decision regardless.

Look, it doesn't take a genius to figure out the strength of the Dolphins offense is the running of Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams and the weakness, by far, is the passing game.

Frerotte has been awful since the start of October and the Dolphins put the ball in his hands with the game on the line is just plain dumb.

In fact, we're not big advocates of changing quarterbacks, but the time has come to go with Sage Rosenfels as the starter.

Frerotte has been that bad.

The call at that time was to give it to Brown or Williams on third down and then on fourth down, if necessary.

Other observations from the game:

-- The Dolphins need to be a running team, whether that plays into the style Scott Linehan wants to have on offense. The passing game is dreadful right now and trying to be balanced ain't going to cut it, particulary when you have two backs running as well as Williams and Brown are.

-- All in all, the Dolphins weren't horrible on defense against Atlanta, but it was still a struggle. The big problem, of course, is a secondary that has no playmakers and no shut-down cornerbacks.

-- The offensive line is starting to play a little better and had overall a decent game against the Falcons.

-- Again, it all comes down on offense to decision-making. One is obvious: run the ball. Two isn't so obvious: Change the quarterback.

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