Thursday notes

It doesn't happen very often, but the Dolphins find themselves with absolutely no one on their injury report this week. It's quite a contrast from the Patriots, who are listing 18 names, including cornerback Duane Starks, who has been put on injured reserve because of a shoulder injury.

Of course, certain teams (New England among them) have been known to play games with the injury list, so one shouldn't read too much into the Patriots' long list. But it's no secret they're a banged-up team.

As for Miami, both Zach Thomas and Junior Seau wore red jerseys on Wednesday to indicate their limited contact in practice, but nobody has missed any practice time this week.

* * *

After wide receiver Chris Chambers took exception to Saban's comments after the Kansas City game that the Dolphins had "decent receivers," Saban addressed the issue on Thursday. "I am hopeful that the things that I say here never disrespects any player because it is certainly not my intention and obviously, that was something that I had to meet with the player about today, not that he was upset or I was upset," Saban said without mentioning Chambers by name. "There was no disrespect to anybody, ever, that I have ever mentioned here in a disrespectful way relative to their ability, talent or anything else. I hope that everybody understands that. I don't think that is really what we need to create divisions based on a play on words, which was basically what it was."

Reporters asked Chambers on Wednesday about Saban's receiver comments and he told The Miami Herald, "I don't consider myself decent. I think I'm a pretty good wide receiver. ... I'm going to have to ask (Saban) about that. I don't know what his standard of 'decent' is."

When asked whether his previous comment on Thursday concerned the wide receivers, Saban replied: "I am just referring to things in general. If you want me to be specific, I guess that is what happened today and I really felt bad about that because that was not my intention. It was beyond my wildest dreams that anybody would go from here to there and try to make it something that it wasn't, but it isn't an issue."

* * *

CB Will Poole officially is done for the season after the deadline for him to start practicing with the team has passed.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins have until Tuesday to decide whether to activate CB Shirdonya Mitchell or leave him on the non-football injury list for the remainder of the season. Mitchell, a rookie who tore an ACL during his Pro Day workout at Missouri, has been practicing for the past couple of weeks.

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