Still desperate for Sage?

Well, that should take care of all the cries for Sage Rosenfels to take over as the Dolphins' starting quarterback. He got a shot to run the offense on Sunday and to say he failed his test would be way too kind. He totally flopped would be more like it.

Things were so bad with Rosenfels at quarterback, the Dolphins turned to Frerotte, bad finger and all, in the third quarter.

Not that Frerotte did a whole lot better, but at least he had a good excuse.

As for Rosenfels, the only excuse is that he's not ready to be a starting quarterback at this point. Might never be, actually.

The Dolphins were conservative on offense with Rosenfels at quarterback, and if you're wondering why it's because throwing the ball always proved to be an adventure.

Rosenfels' final numbers were five completions in 10 attempts for a paltry 14 yards with two interceptions. Ouch.

The first time Rosenfels was asked to pass was on the drive of the game when the Dolphins had a third-and-5 from their 32. He had Marty Booker wide open on a slant in the middle, but instead went to Wes Welker on another slant on the right side. His pass was thrown behind Welker and went incomplete.

It was a sign of things to come.

But, really, should anyone have been all that surprised that Rosenfels struggled. As we have said before, Rosenfels has been a backup throughout his entire career, and there's obviously a reason for that.

If he was that good a quarterback, don't you think he would have gotten his shot already.

You look at Rosenfels in the pocket, and you see a guy who looks hesitant and who doesn't look like he sees the field very well.

This wasn't Rosenfels' first shot. He also started in the finale at Baltimore last year and everyone wants to remember his 76-yard touchdown pass to Chris Chambers on the first play of the game. But you can't also forget about his 16-for-38 showing that included three interceptions.

Still, he has remained a fan favorite, perhaps because he's not A.J. Feeley, he's not Jay Fiedler and he's not Gus Frerotte, who all have started for the Dolphins and struggled.

It didn't help that Rosenfels threw a 77-yard touchdown pass when he mopped up for Frerotte at the end of the Kansas City game.

For some reason, some fans started thinking he was the answer to all of the Dolphins' problems.

Sunday's game proved that's obviously not the case. The Dolphins have major problems with their passing game, but unfortunately the solution at quarterback doesn't appear to be on the roster.

If he is, it's not Gus Frerotte. And it certainly ain't Sage Rosenfels.

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