What next for Seau?

Given the fact he will turn 37 years old next January and the fact his last two seasons ended with injuries after eight and 10 games, respectively, the initial reflex is to suggest Junior Seau has played his last down with the Dolphins. But is it really that clear cut?

There are a couple of factors to consider.

Number one, it's not as though Seau was playing like a has-been this season, this despite the fact he was at less than 100 percent from the second game of the season on.

So you don't just get rid of the guy because he's old by NFL standards. And the truth is this season he was good enough to be a starter on this team. Who's to say that doesn't happen again next year?

Channing Crowder looks like he'll be in the starting lineup for several years based on his rookie performance, and Zach Thomas probably has a few good years left, but there are no guarantees after that.

And let's be honest here, finding a starting-caliber linebacker is going to be rather low on the list of priorities next offseason, don't you think?

Quarterback obviously will be 1, and you can make that 1A and 1B as well.

The Dolphins also will need help on the offensive line as well as the secondary, and perhaps another wide receiver.

So you see it's not like Nick Saban can revamp the entire roster in one offseason.

Seau already has said he wants to play again in 2006, although he acknowledged it might not be in Miami.

Saban made it a point to praise Seau's work ethic in talking about him on Wednesday, so it would appear Seau is Saban's kind of player.

Does that lead Saban to bringing Seau back next season? Not necessarily. Just don't dismiss the possibility too quickly.

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