R&R working just fine

Ricky or Ronnie. Ronnie or Ricky. Ronnie and Ricky. How the Dolphins use their running backs has been a hot topic of conversation ever since Ricky Williams' four-game suspension ended, and it's not likely to end anytime soon.

It's funny, some think this situation represents a problem for the Dolphins. Actually, we're thinking last year was a problem when the Dolphins had neither Ricky nor Ronnie, and instead had to depend on a combination Lamar Gordon, Travis Minor, Brock Forsey, Sammy Morris, Leonard Henry and Vick King.

Now, that's a problem.

This is nothing but a pleasant dilemma to have.

It helps that Williams and Brown have the type of personalities where neither is going to start complaining publicly about not getting enough carries if one starts being used a lot more than the other.

But the Dolphins have done a pretty good job anyway of balancing the carries. And the results have been outstanding.

Excluding Williams' first two games back, the losses against Tampa Bay and Kansas City, Brown has carried the ball 76 times in the past five games, while Williams has had 67 attempts.

But it's the yardage that's impressive. In those five games, Brown and Williams are averaging a combined 139 yards. That, incidentally, translates to 2,224 yards over a 16-game season.

You'd take that kind of production from the tailback spot, wouldn't you?

So what if we might not see many 100-yard games for the Dolphins because neither Brown nor Williams is getting enough carries to do that.

The two combined for 140 yards last week at Oakland, and that's the bottom line.

So, really, it doesn't matter these days who's carrying the ball for the Dolphins because both Williams and Brown are producing.

The only thing we don't like, actually, about the way they're being used if when both of them are taken out in certain third-down situations in favor of Sammy Morris.

Nothing against Morris, but Williams and Brown are the Dolphins' two best offensive players. They need to be used.

Doesn't matter who or how. As long as one of them is in the game and getting the ball.

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