It's still Gus

After Sage Rosenfels led the Dolphins to the biggest fourth-quarter comeback in franchise history, the call for him to take over as the starting quarterback has popped up again. But Coach Nick Saban says not only it's Gus Frerotte's job if he's healthy, but it's not even an issue.

"We don't want it to be an issue," Saban said. "I know (the media is) going to try to make it an issue. The more you make it an  issue, the more I will need to talk to Sage. That is basically what it is.

"I am sure that he doesn't have a problem with it until you all make it an issue. The more you make it an issue, the more I will  need to talk to him. So maybe we should have a meeting after this and I will do my schedule (around) how much I need to talk to him  and you do your schedule on how much you want to make it an issue and then we both can manage our time better."

Saban said Monday that Frerotte was fine a day after sustaining a concussion in the third quarter against Buffalo, but Frerotte was scheduled to undergo more tests on Tuesday.

Frerotte was knocked out cold when he was sacked for a safety by a group of Buffalo defenders led by linebacker London Fletcher.

Before leaving, Frerotte was only 12-of-28 for 115 yards. After taking over, Rosenfels completed 22 of 37 passes for 272 yards and two touchdowns, including the game-winning 4-yard pass to Chris Chambers with six seconds left.

That was quite a contrast from his atrocious performance in Cleveland for Rosenfels.

"Having a game like this to build his  confidence and build on the positives is certainly what you would like to have with young players who are trying to improve," Saban said. "This  kind of game is a real plus for that."

* * *

Dolphins assistant head coach/defense Will Muschamp has emerged as one of the candidates to become head coach at Middle Tennessee State University and he interviewed for the position last Friday. When asked whether he thought Muschamp was ready to become a head coach, Saban said, "I am not an expert on who is ready and who isn't, but he certainly is an outstanding coach. He is very bright, he has good instincts, players respond to him in a positive way, he's got  great enthusiasm and energy, and he has done everything that an assistant could do to be ready to take the next step."

* * *

LB Zach Thomas (shoulder/ankle) is expected to return to practice with the hope that he'll be able to play Sunday at San Diego. The same goes for WR Marty Booker (calf).

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