Ricky responds

It looked like 2002 all over again Saturday afternoon as Ricky Williams was given the role of workhorse in the absence of Ronnie Brown and responded by burning the Tennessee Titans for 172 yards and a game-clinching touchdown. His outstanding performance was enough to raise a couple of interesting questions.

The most obvious question brought up by Williams' performance is whether the Dolphins wouldn't be better off hanging on to Williams and continuing the two-back system they've used.

Just look at the numbers the Dolphins running game as compiled, and you'll see it's pretty impressive. It's just that the Dolphins have used two backs to get those numbers instead of relying on one guy.

Having two stud running backs is big when there's an injury, as was proven with Brown missing the Tennessee game. Just think back to last year when the Dolphins scrambling after Williams left.

Of course, should someone blow the Dolphins away with a great effort, they'd be foolish not to listen.

But the idea of keeping Williams and Brown just makes more sense as each week goes by.

Other observations from Saturday's game:

-- The Dolphins' kick coverage was nothing short of sensational. The guys got downfield in a hurry and made Pacman Jones a non-factor in the return game.

-- Don't look now, but the Dolphins are now only one sack shy of the franchise record of 49, set in 1983. The blitz again was effective against Tennessee, onne great example coming when Reggie Howard nailed Billy Volek to force an incompletion.

-- Chris Chambers continued his late-season surge with two touchdown catches. In the process, he did a good job of justifying his spot in the Pro Bowl.

-- Sam Madison had a textbook interception in the first half when he read Drew Bennett's fly pattern the whole way and stayed inside Bennett to easily pick off a Steve McNair throw.

-- The Dolphins have had good success against Steve McNair through the years, and they made him look awful Saturday before McNair left the game because of a chest injury.

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