Dolphins picking 16th

The Dolphins cost themselves some draft positioning with their six-game winning streak to end the season, but at least they will be picking first among all the 9-7 teams. That makes the Dolphins' pick in the first round come late April the 16th overall.

The Dolphins were tied at 9-7 with Minnesota, Dallas and San Diego, but got the first pick among the group because their opponents' combined winning percentage was the lowest among the four teams.

The Dolphins will drop to 19th in the second round, 18th in the third, 17th in the fourth before going back to 16th in the fifth.

Remember that the Dolphins do not have a sixth-round pick as the result of the A.J. Feeley trade with San Diego, while they have a couple of extra seventh-round choices.

* * *

Before facing New England on Sunday, the Dolphins claimed linebacker Mike Labinjo off waivers from the New York Jets and released defensive tackle Josh Shaw.

Labinjo also has spent some time with the Philadelphia Eagles.

* * *

Coach Nick Saban said in his day-after-the-game press conference on Monday that he would be open to listening to trade offers for running back Ricky Williams.

But that's not exactly major news because Saban probably would listen to offers for anybody on the roster if the price was right.

Still, we mention this because there will be a lot of speculation regarding Williams throughout the offseason.

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