2005 Position Review: RB

With the Dolphins having completed their 2005 season, we break down the team by position with a look back at each player's performance as well as a look ahead to the offseason and next season. Today we take a look at the running backs.

Who finished the season on the roster: Starters -- Ronnie Brown, Darian Barnes (FB); backups -- Ricky Williams, Sammy Morris, Travis Minor

How they did: Brown and Williams both easily would have rushed for over 1,000 yards had they not platooned, and together they combined for 1,650 yards. That's some pretty impressive production from the halfback position. Barnes became a factor in the running game as a blocker after being signed to replaced free agent acquisition Heath Evans. Morris did some nick work as a third-down back, although we always wondered why the Dolphins would have him in there when that meant having both Williams and Brown on the sideline. Minor saw on action on offense all year, but he was an important contributor on special teams.

What's ahead: In a 180-degree turn from last offseason, the issue for the Dolphins now isn't being able to find a capable halfback, but rather deciding whether they have one too many. The Dolphins will have to decide whether they will consider dealing Williams or continue with the two-back system. The answer to that question might depend on what they can get in return for Williams. But from this vantage point, unless they get a lot, they'd be better off keeping both Williams and Brown.

The bottom line: There are few teams in the NFL who are better shape at the running back position than the Dolphins, and that's clearly good news heading into the offseason.

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