Dolphins busy at Senior Bowl

It's no great secret the Dolphins are in the market for a young quarterback, which would explain the fact they have interviewed a couple of signal-callers this week at the Senior Bowl. But the Dolphins also have been showing interest in other positions, most notably wide receiver.

TFY Draft Preview, in fact, has confirmed that the Dolphins have interviewed three of the wideouts at the Senior Bowl this week -- Hank Baskett of New Mexico, Demetrius Williams of Oregon and Martin Nance of Miami of Ohio.

All three, incidentally, are at least 6 feet 2, indicating a preference for taller receivers.

The Dolphins had two solid starters at wide receiver last season in Chris Chambers and Marty Booker, but the Dolphins clearly could use more depth at the position.

Also don't forget about the possibility of Terrell Owens, who is on the trade market now and will be available to any team in early March after he's released by the Philadelphia Eagles.

As mentioned before, the Dolphins also have been talking to some quarterbacks.

The big name at the Senior Bowl is Vanderbilt's Jay Cutler, but the Dolphins have talked with Charlie Whitehurst of Clemson and Darrell Hackney of UAB, according to TFY Draft Preview.

The Dolphins also have talked with two guards projected as potential first-round picks -- Max Jean-Gilles of Georgia and Davin Joseph of Oklahoma.

Just because the Dolphins talk to a prospect doesn't mean they'll draft him, but keep in mind that the Dolphins spent some time talking last year with defensive end Matt Roth and cornerback Travis Daniels, two guys they did wind up drafting.

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