Solid signings

Other than the acquisition of Daunte Culpepper, the Dolphins haven't made a lot of blockbuster moves this offseason. But they've made a lot of very solid acquisitions, the latest of which came Wednesday.

On the surface, re-signing running back Sammy Morris might not look like that big a deal, but it's significant on two fronts.

Morris, who agreed to terms on a one-year deal, is what Nick Saban calls a "core special teams player." More than that, he's also someone who could step up at running back if Ricky Williams' April 10 appeal is of his latest failed drug test is denied.

Yes, the Dolphins would lose something in the exchange and would miss the tremendous 1-2 punch they had last season with Ronnie Brown and Williams, but Morris is a very capable running back.

His biggest issue as a running back always has been nagging injuries, but that shouldn't be a major issue as a backup, like it was when the Dolphins tried to make him their feature at one point in that disastrous 2004 season.

Those who suggest the Dolphins already had that kind of player in Travis Minor are a bit off the mark because Morris simply is a more accomplished running back.

It looked for a while as though Morris was going to leave to sign with Seattle, but he apparently took a little too long to make up his mind and the Seahawks simply decided to re-sign Maurice Morris instead.

That worked out for the Dolphins, who need as many good team players like Morris as they can find.

For the record, we also really like the signings of Renaldo Hill and Kelly Campbell, and Will Allen is an upgrade at cornerback over Sam Madison -- although the Dolphins still could use a shut-down corner, just like they still need an anchor for the offensive line.

But they've made more good decisions than bad so far this offseason, and Morris just added to the positive side.

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