Ricky headed north?

Ricky Williams found out this week he won't be playing in the NFL in 2006, but the Toronto Argonauts would like him to compete in Canada. The CFL team have acquired negotiating rights to Williams, but he will have to get permission from the Dolphins even if he's interested.

Williams will need the Dolphins' permission because he's still under contract despite his suspension.

"I think we'll discuss it with the Dolphins because our point of view will be heavily colored by the reaction of coach (Nick) Saban and the Dolphins organization," Williams' agent, Leigh Steinberg, told the Palm Beach Post.

Incentive for Williams to play in the CFL would include keeping his game sharp during a second year away from the NFL in three seasons, as well as earn some money. He can expect to make less than half of the $545,000 he was scheduled to earn with the Dolphins this season, but Williams has three children to support, with a fourth on the way.

Then again, money has never been much of an issue for Williams, something Argonauts co-owner David Cynamon is well aware of.

"Imagine if he was ever motivated to play? I think he could do OK in this league," Cynamon told the Toronto Sun. "Maybe the type of players that we have -- and I say that in a positive way -- could straighten him out."

The Dolphins, for their part, didn't have any comment on the possibility of Williams playing in the CFL.

"Ricky is under contract to the Dolphins, and we're not going to speculate about any hypothetical speculation," Dolphins spokesperson Harvey Greene said Thursday.

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