Draft 1 Overview

The Dolphins didn't have a lot of ammunition heading into the 2006 draft, and that prevented them for perhaps being able to pull off the kind of deal that would have gotten them a stud at a major position of need. But given what they had to play with, they still came out of the first day of the draft in pretty good shape.

The lack of picks in the fifth and sixth rounds is what really hamstrung the Dolphins, and the value of those picks won't be fully known until a couple of years down the road when we see whether Cleo Lemon and Manuel Wright amount to anything.

If they do, they must be factored into this draft.

You also have to factor in the trade for Daunte Culpepper, which cost the Dolphins their second-round pick. It was a price everybody agreed was small for a former Pro Bowl quarterback, even though it made things more difficult on draft day.

In Jason Allen, the Dolphins got a tremendous defensive back whose only question mark was the hip injury he sustained last year. On the one hand, it's an injury that leaves you feeling uneasy about spending the 16th overall pick on the guy.

But on the other hand, Allen running a 4.39 at the Combine might be enough to erase any concerns.

Bottom line: If healthy, Allen not only will start in the secondary, but he just might soon become the best defensive back the Dolphins have.

As for third-round pick Derek Hagan, he was downgraded because he didn't practice well at the Senior Bowl or at the Scouting Combine.

But there's no denying what he did at Arizona State when he became the Pac-10's all-time leader in receptions. So if his hands were as bad as scouts made it sound after Hagan's mediocre showing in the postseason workouts, there's no way he would have become a record-setter.

Hagan became the victim of over-analysis and it's easy to project him getting a lot of playing time in the Dolphins offense next season.

Let's face it, this was not a blockbuster draft for the Dolphins, but it had little chance of being that given the Dolphins' lack of ammunition.

What the first day was, it turned out, was what it appears to be a solid effort. There are still plenty of holes left to fill, but let's be honest here: There was only so much Nick Saban could do on this day.

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