Toledo talks

Here's what Washington offensive tackle Joe Toledo had to say after being selected in the fourth round of the 2006 draft by the Dolphins.

On whether he knew the Dolphins were interested in him

"Yeah, I went down there a few weeks ago and had a really good meeting with Coach (Hudson) Houck and Coach Saban. I'm just extremely excited to get down there and get to work." 

On whether he sees himself as a tackle or guard

"I can play either. I played tight end in college my first three years and they moved me over to tackle last year. I can learn anything. I can learn offensive guard, I'm flexible either way."

On why he moved to tackle

"We had a new coaching staff come in with Coach (Tyrone) Willingham coming in and we had a tackle my junior year, Khalif Barnes, who is now with Jacksonville, played that tackle spot. Coach Willingham came in and said it would probably be best for me to pursue my NFL career and to help the team if I moved to tackle. So I made the switch." 

On how difficult it was to play with a high ankle sprain last year

"It wasn't too bad. I think it limited my mobility, but I was able to play through the pain. I played all right with it. But I didn't play up to my full potential at that time." 

On how much upside potential does he think he has

"With Coach Houck there and Coach Saban, I know Coach Houck is one of the best offensive line coaches in the business. You know with his tutelage, I'm definitely going to come in there and be receptive to whatever he has to say, so I think I have a tremendous amount of upside." 

On what weight would the Dolphins like him to play at

"I haven't discussed that with them at this time, but I can do either. I played tight end at 285 and I bulked up a little bit. I can lose weight, I can gain weight, and I can stay where I'm at. I'm receptive to whatever they want me to do. My mom is a dietician; I got in there with her. My bench press went up 100 pounds. I worked really hard. I'm not carrying a lot of bad weight. I can tell you that much. At tight end I was watching what I ate all the time and not able to eat three square meals a day and get all that good nutrition. Last year I was able to do that and fill myself out. I was able to eat the way I wanted to." 

On moving all the way from Washington

"I think it will be positive. I'm with my family now in California and I'm originally from Nebraska. I'm open to it and I know Miami is a beautiful place and they had a great year last year and I'm excited to come in and contribute."

On what he brings to the table as a player

"I'm an aggressive player; I like to get after it. I'm a smart guy. I made the transition from tight end to offensive tackle in spring ball and in fall camp. I think I will be able to come in and learn things right off the bat and play hard and work as hard as I can."

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