The story behind Wright's slide

Rodrique Wright had heard rumblings about his stock falling heading into the draft, but he never anticipated not being picked until the seventh round. And when the Dolphins finally ended his wait by selecting him 226th overall, he found out what perhaps proved to be the reason for his major fall.

Wright said the Dolphins told him after drafting him that he had a shoulder injury that probably was going to require surgery. That came as news to Wright, who said he never felt any pain and recently bench-pressed 425 pounds.

"It's very strange," Wright said after being drafted. "Actually, I've been getting stronger. I haven't had any problems."

Wright said his best guess would be that he would have suffered the injury during practice for Texas' bowl game during his junior season, but he can't be sure because he played every game in 2005 and never felt any pain beyond what he thought that normal soreness.

Wright said some NFL teams had him undergo an MRI in the spring, but not all of them. Not until Sunday did Wright have any inkling that he had any kind of shoulder injury.

"I was informed today by Miami," Wright said. "I've been confused as to why I went from the first round to the seventh round."

Wright probably would have been a first-round pick had he entered the draft following his junior season, but he decided to return to the Longhorns, who he helped win the national title.

But his draft stock fell in the process, even without the injury, because he didn't dominate as much as expected despite the fact he earned consensus All-American honors. Scouts felt Wright had a tendency to slack off, particularly if the play wasn't headed in his direction. He also had a lackluster performance in Texas' Rose Bowl victory over USC.

But it's clear there was something else behind the major downfall, something Wright still has a problem accepting. That's why Wright said the first thing he might do upon arriving in Miami is get a second opinion on his right shoulder.

"I'm not happy," Wright said. "Obviously, it's disappointing. I know it's an injury issue and not a talent issue.

"I don't know exactly what the injury is, it wasn't explained to me. I'm not totally convinced. Maybe there was some kind of error."

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