Wright reaction

Here is what Texas defensive tackle Rodrique Wright had to say after being selected by the Dolphins in the seventh round of the 2006 draft.

On being drafted by the Dolphins in the seventh round

"Obviously, falling this far is a disappointment, but on the bright side I am going to the Dolphins – a great team and a great organization.  It's going to be great to play for Coach (Nick) Saban.  He recruited me when he was at LSU, so I already know what he is all about.  I am pleased with that, but to slide to the seventh round was not something I was anticipating."

On why he was drafted in the seventh round

"I've just been informed of new information that something had went down with my shoulder where they believe that I may need surgery.  A lot of teams throughout the draft knew that I had a medical issue, so they didn't want to take a chance on me.  I am just lucky that Miami did."

On if he needs surgery on his shoulder

"I've just been informed (of the information).  I've been training and lifting weights.  I lifted 31 (repetitions) in the combine, so I have done everything with my shoulder, but with this new information, I am going to have to go to Miami and see the doctors.  They will probably be able to tell you better than I can."

On the specifics of the shoulder situation

"It's my right shoulder.  The mystery is, I played the whole season with it and the last time I had shoulder trouble was in my junior year, but it never held me out of any game or any practice.  It's a mystery."

On if he was just informed today of the shoulder situation

"Yes, exactly.  I was just informed today by Miami that that was going on.  I've been confused from the first round to the seventh round on why I've slid so far.  Just five minutes ago, talking to Coach Saban, he let me know what the deal was."

On it being strange to have someone else tell him he is hurt when he doesn't believe he is

"It's very strange.  I've been actually getting stronger, working out with heavier weight and doing dumbbell work with heavy weight just with the right hand.  I've been pressing it and I haven't had any problems, so I am anxious to get into another MRI machine to see if they can (find) something else.  It's pretty obvious that it was strong enough for teams not to take me in this draft."

On when he anticipated being drafted

"Without the shoulder injury, I knew that I had slid a little bit.  I figured I would have been a mid-second (round pick).  I had a lot of second-round grades.  If not mid-second, maybe the third round.  Once I fell out of the third (round), then soon out of the fourth and the fifth, it was very confusing to me.  I am not happy, obviously I am disappointed, but I am a little relieved that I know that it was an injury issue instead of a talent issue."

On if he was trying to find out what the situation was during the draft

"Yes, my agent has been dancing around, calling teams and trying to see what the deal is.  The weird thing is some teams didn't even have a problem with me, but at the same time I didn't get MRIs for all 32 teams.  That is probably what the deal is."

On if he was told who diagnosed his shoulder

"Miami was the first team that let me know about it, so I don't know which doctor (diagnosed it), but that is what I was told."

On how much pain he has in the shoulder

"It's funny, I really don't have any besides ... I always just thought it was just muscle soreness from working out.  Sometimes I would go in there, lift the world and come out feeling strong and having no pain.  Some days I would come out and it would just be a little sore, but nothing that I would ever imagine would need surgery."

On how much he is currently lifting

"Just last week I got up to 425 (pounds) on the bench (press).  Obviously, you train differently for combine lifting than you do regular lifting.  I believe I pressed it three times and didn't have any problems."

On what type of shoulder injury he has

"I'm as fresh to it as you are.  It wasn't exactly explained to me.  It may be something that it might just be an error or something.  I'm hoping so."

On what he can bring to the Dolphins

"I can bring a lot to the Dolphins.  From what I know on Pro Day, they put me out at 3-4 end and I feel they know the challenge is there and they know maybe if the situation was different and I was 100 percent, that I would have gotten picked higher.  I can bring a physical, yet finesse game to them.  I'm a hard worker that is willing to sacrifice for the team and just wants to get the team better to win."

On if he slid in the draft solely because of his shoulder rather than because of his performance

"I think so, I really do.  There are a lot of (defensive tackles) on the board that were taken before me that I don't feel are better than me.  I feel with the information given before the draft, falling all the way to the seventh round wasn't even an option.  I do believe that this injury has caused the slide 100 percent."

On what the next step is with the shoulder

"The team may say something different, but for me I want to get a second opinion or have the team look at it again to see if it is an injury that is definite or if they may have been misled.  I have been lifting fine and I haven't had any problems with it, so maybe in the MRI I was moving too much and it didn't get a good read on it or something.  I feel like if I needed surgery on something I would not be able to bench press as much as I have during this offseason."

On what yesterday was like after not being drafted and not knowing why

"It was tough for me because just last year I was being considered the best defensive tackle coming out if I would have (came out).  This year it was always said that I would be a first rounder and then toward the end I started to slide.  I knew coming into (the draft) I may be a second-round or third-round pick, but not getting picked in the first day really hit me hard.  Probably the hardest thing I have been through is just watching names go above me that I feel like I am better than."

On if he talked to Vince Young about the situation

"No, Vince and I haven't spoken on this yet.  I'm sure he is busy with his own thing right now.  He has his own deal that he is doing.  We will talk, but as of now we haven't talked."    

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