Thursday news and notes

While we might know soon whether Ricky Williams will be playing in the CFL this season, it might be a while before the Joey Harrington situation finally gets resolved.

First, Ricky. Word is Williams met with Nick Saban on Wednesday night to discuss Williams playing with the Toronto Argonauts this season.

The Dolphins still hold contract rights to Williams and would have to give him permission to play in the CFL, where Williams could expect to make somewhere in the neighborhoold of $150,000.

The plus of having Williams play in the CFL is that it will give him some action and also allow him to make some money, but the downside, of course, is the risk of injury.

As for Harrington, now that Harrington broke up a trade to Cleveland by refusing to restructure his contract -- something he's willing to do for the Dolphins -- and Denver and Kansas City drafted quarterbacks, the Dolphins just might be willing to wait until the Lions release Harrington.

On the one hand, the Dolphins would like to get Harrington on board as soon as possible so he can start learning the offense, which could be very important if Daunte Culpepper isn't ready for the start of the regular season.

On the other hand, the Dolphins probably can avoid giving Detroit a draft pick next year simply by waiting because the Lions surely aren't going to pay Harrington his scheduled $4 million bonus come mid-June.

The Lions accused the Dolphins of violating NFL rules by agreeing to the parameters of a new contract, but a league official said the Dolphins were allowed to do that once Detroit gave Harrington permission to talk to other teams to facilitate a trade.

* * *

With the Dolphins scheduled to start their rookie minicamp on Friday, we can give you a partial list of the undrafted rookie free agents the team has signed.

The list include Utah DT Steve Fifita, Tennessee RB Gerald Riggs, Mississippi State C Chris McNeil, Colorado State QB Justin Holland, Florida State LB Sam McGrew and Oregon State LB Trent Bray.

And, as everyone knows by one, the Dolphins have invited Virginia Tech QB Marcus Vick to participate on a tryout basis.

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