Rookie Minicamp Review: Day 2

The Dolphins continued their rookie minicamp on Saturday, but some of the attention continues to be on guys who are not rookies.

-- First and foremost is former Saints and Rams offensive tackle Kyle Turley, who continues to look good as a tight end. By look good, in a minicamp setting, that means that Turley is moving well enough to think he could make the transition.

Still, Coach Nick Saban is quick to point out that Turley's best attribute as a tight end, not surprisingly, would be his blocking, which obviously isn't on display during a minicamp.

"This kind of a camp would not enhance a guy like that, because we're out there in shorts and T-shirts or just jerseys or whatever, and most of the blocking is just kind of fit-up, everybody stay up, tag off the runner," Saban said. "So the guys who are the explosive good tacklers, explosive good blockers can get moving guys; they don't really show up in this.

"But what we have been pretty pleased with is, even though I'm not ready to compare him to (Kellen) Winslow or anybody like that, he has shown a decent capacity to develop some concept of understanding in the passing game. And even though he's probably not a mismatch player when it comes to that, he's certainly been able to catch the ball with some consistency so that he may be able to develop into an all-around, on-the-line kind of tight end guy that we would be hopeful if we decided to take a look at him down the road, he'd be a very good blocker."

Turley is taking part in the minicamp on a tryout basis, but he has done little so far to discourage the Dolphins from offering him a contract and bringing him to training camp.

-- Another veteran who continues to be in the news is Ricky Williams, although Saban said Saturday he's ready to put a stop to that.

No decision has been made on whether Williams will be allowed to play in the CFL, although the feeling is that the Dolphins would prefer he didn't and instead just focused on getting himself ready for the 2007 season.

But getting updates on Ricky's situation won't be coming from the coach anymore.

"Ricky and I decided that anything that we talk about from now on is going to be confidential between us," Saban said. "He kind of wanted it that way. I say it's good that way. He gets a chance to sort out what he wants to do in the future. We get a chance to discuss it with him without it being a blow-by-blow for the public to go through. I think when he comes to some decision about it, I'm sure he'll be glad to tell everybody what it is that he is choosing to do."

-- As far as the rookies are concerned, they continued to try to learn as much as possible while dealing with the rigors of practicing twice a day when the weather in South Florida is hot.

"In a situation like this when you only have the guys here for three days, there's no way you can manufacture five or six practices, because you really don't want to practice in the morning, at night and the next morning," Saban said. "So there's just not enough time. From a teaching standpoint, we try to control the tempo and get the things done and be a little cautious about how we go through that second practice. And the tempo in the second practice yesterday wasn't like it was in the first practice. And we had a good tempo this morning. So I was pleased with that."

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