Rookie Minicamp Q&A: Rodrique Wright

Seventh-round pick Rodrique Wright was back at rookie minicamp on Sunday after being excused the day before to attend the funeral of his uncle. Wright talked about his shoulder injury, among others, after practice.

Q. How did your shoulder feel this weekend?

A. "It felt fine. Like I said a long time ago after I first got drafted, I played my whole senior season with it. Out there, we were just in helmets and jerseys, so we weren't doing anything that would really mess it up. So it was fine."

Q. What have you been told about possible surgery?

A. "They're going to discuss everything with me after the meetings and everything. Basically, we're going to go the route of what's best for me and the longevity of my career. It's all on them, I put my trust in the staff and Coach Saban and whatever they tell me is best for me, that's what I'm going to have to do.

"I trust in them and I've already seen the first MRI, so it could possibly be something that can mess me up throughout my career, so I'm just looking at the extent of my career, how it would affect me. So it's probably the best if it's needed."

Q. What were your thoughts when you were looking at the MRI on your shoulder?

A. "I was surprised because I played the whole season on it. I can tell the difference now, now that I know it's there. At first, I always thought it was just because of lifting and like soreness in my right arm and in my right shoulder just because of lifting, but now like if I grab it and pull it up or something I feel something in there. There is something there."

Q. Were you upset that your agent revealed you had a torn rotator cuff?

A. "I think that might be hitting head on with it. I don't know how severe it is. I was told at one point that sometimes you don't know until you actually get in and look in the shoulder. I'm not sure how severe it is, but it is some type of a tear."

Q. Did Coach Saban give you an indication that he would give you all the time you need to get completely healthy?

A. "He's been totally fair with me. Coach Saban has told me a number of times he's looking out for my best interests and if I can come back and if it does go down to surgery, if I come back and looking fine and not feeling anything, then I can come back and help the team because that's what it's all about. If I come back and I'm not quite ready, he's not going to force anything and I'll be out and just keep rehabbing it. Whatever is the healthiest thing to do, smartest thing, that's what they plan on doing."

Q. Were you close to your uncle?

A. "Yeah, we were close. We were close. It was sad for me and it was a tough loss for my family. But I believe my mom took it well and we know he's in a better place, so we feel fine with it."

Q. How close did you come to entering the draft after your junior season, and what round did the NFL's advisory committee projected you to get drafted had you come out early?

A. "I believe it was like a 2. I was pretty close to coming back, but I had a tough season with an ankle injury and then I felt like if I came back to Texas we could possibly do what we did with getting the ring and just being an All-American and everything that came with that. Any regrets aren't there because of what we did as a team and what I did as a player. It's obviously unfortunate that this injury happened, but on the positive side of it I'm with a great organization and Coach Saban really has my best interests out, so I'm really pleased."

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