Rookie Minicamp Q&A: Justin Holland

Justin Holland was signed as a rookie free agent to join a Dolphins quarterbacking corps that currently features only Cleo Lemon and Brock Berlin behind starter Daunte Culpepper. A hotshot high school quarterback whose career at Colorado State didn't quite live up to expectations, Holland shared his thoughts during the rookie minicamp.

Q. What were your thoughts on the minicamp?

A. "It was my first chance to be in an NFL camp and I think it went well and I learned a lot."

Q. Were you impressed with the way Coach Saban runs things?

A. "Definitely. He likes it crisp, sharp, you've got to be right now. I like it, though. It makes practices go a lot more organized. Coach (Mike) Mularkey mentioned that we actually had a very good camp, guys we were running around and crisp and I think that's because we didn't want Coach Saban getting after us."

Q. How tough is the heat?

A. "I'm from Colorado, man, this heat is something else. But luckily I'm a quarterback and I don't have to run as much as everybody else. But it was something to adjust to and I don't think I adjusted all that great until today."

Q. Can you talk about the drafted wide receivers you were throwing to?

A. "All the receivers had a great week. You know, Derek (Hagan), all of them, they impressed me a lot with the way they can catch the ball and adjust to the ball in the air and just the speed which they play at. It was a lot different coming in, they're just more precise and they're great athletes, a lot taller than the receivers I'm normally playing with."

Q. Did Jason Allen pick you off this weekend?

A. "No, he batted a ball away, though. Most of the time, we had a couple of good battles. He batted a couple of balls away and I got a couple over the top on him."

Q. How would you assess your performance this weekend?

A. "I'm definitely happy with the pace that I was learning the offense. I felt like I made a lot of good decisions, I was throwing the ball well. It's a rookie minicamp and it's our first opportunity to learn these plays; I was happy with the way I performed. You can always get better, and when I come back in about a week and a half, I'm going to keep on learning and I'm going to try to know it as well as I can by the time I come back."

Q. What are your hopes with the Dolphins?

A. "Right now I'm just thinking about learning the offense in the offseason. I can't hope to compete for a job when I don't know the offense. So I'm just here to learn, I'm going to attach myself to Coach (Jason) Garrett's hip and Coach Mularkey's hip and just ask them as many questions as possible and make sure I'm getting the information and make sure everything's clear. Right now, I'm sitting back, I'm a rookie, I'm trying to learn everything I can."

Q. How many teams talking to you after the draft about signing with them?

A. "I talked to a few teams, like three or four teams, but this is a really good situation that I like. Coach Garrett was at my Pro Day and kind of struck up a relationship with him and talked to him a few times between the draft and my Pro Day, and I just felt real comfortable with him. He's a good coach, good teacher and a good guy to be around when you're trying to learn how to play quarterback."

Q. What are your thoughts on Marcus Vick?

A. "With athletes like that, you're going to have an easier time adjusting to wherever the coaches put him. He looked very good at quarterback and he looked very good at receiver. He's an exciting player to have on the team."

Q. How did you feel overall about your college career; did you feel it lived up to your expectations?

A. "Not really, but everything happens for a reason and that's why I'm here. I'm not going to look back and say that it wasn't successful because right now I'm part of the Miami Dolphins. So it was a success in my book as of right now."

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