Happy Harrington

Joey Harrington said his head is spinning these days, what with trying to learn the Dolphins offense and also having to worry about off-the-field things like finding a new place to live and getting his Florida driver's license. But it also was clear by watching and listening to Harrington talk to the media on Thursday that the new Dolphins quarterback is thrilled about his new job.

Harrington talked in glowing terms about the Dolphins coaching staff on Thursday, saying he loves the fact he gets definitive answers from quarterbacks coach Jason Garrett and saying he likes the way Coach Nick Saban has all the players focused on the same goal.

Of course, that's not terribly shocking considering Harrington came over from a Detroit organization that best can be described as unstable and dysfunctional.

Since being acquired in the trade with Detroit on Friday, Harrington has been hard at work, with the Dolphins starting OTA days on Monday.

But from the start, Harrington has been impressed with the Dolphins coaches. After saying he liked the Dolphins giving him clear answers as a quarterback, Harrington was asked how he could tell they did considering he's been a Dolphin less than a week.

"I can see it from the meeting, the way they prepare, the way they cover the bases," Harrington said. "Coach Garrett is very thorough in the meetings. There's no stone left unturned and every time I have a question for him he has an answer for me. And if he doesn't, he goes and gets it and comes back, so we can solidify it, as opposed to leaving it up to chance."

Harrington also likes the way the Dolphins have been tweaking his mechanics.

"I'm learning everything new again," Harrington said. "It is honestly a complete fresh slate, and I love it. My drop, they're coaching differently, which I love. I'm getting back to the things I used to do. All the things that they changed in Detroit, we're changing again. But we're changing it back to things that I was really comfortable with."

Harrington was a backup to Jeff Garcia in Detroit last season, but he got a lot of playing time because of injuries. With Daunte Culpepper still a question mark for the start of the regular season, there's a possibility Harrington could be the starter for the Sept. 7 opener at Pittsburgh.

But Harrington says he's OK with being a backup for the next two years, if that's what is asked of him.

"Of course, I want to be out there on the field as a competitor, but as a teammate I'm going to do everything I can to be ready for this team," Harrington said. "And if that means sitting for a season or two, then I'm prepared to do that."

For now, though, Harrington is too busy to worry about the regular season.

Besides, right now he's just ecstatic to be in Miami and away from what became a messy situation in Detroit.

"We obviously had pieces in Detroit, that wasn't an issue," Harrington said. "I don't necessarily think we had a direction. And that's what I loved about this situation, was the control that Coach Saban has over this team. He has everybody in there focused on the same goal and looking in the same direction, and that's what I want to be a part of. I want to be part of a team again."

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