Ricky resolution near?

The Toronto Argonauts already have begun their training camp, but they still are waiting to see if the Dolphins will give them permission to sign Ricky Williams. The latest development in this seemingly never-ending story is that, according to a Toronto newspaper, Williams was in the Canadian city on Thursday visiting with Argonauts officials.

The sticking point to Williams signing with Toronto still appears to be the language of the standard CFL contract, which says that players sign for one year plus an option and must clear waivers before being allowed to go to the NFL.

It's a trick situation all around for the Dolphins, who don't want to keep Williams from being able to earn some money in 2006 but at the same time don't want to see him sustain a significant injury while playing in the CFL.

"No decision has been made," Coach Nick Saban said earlier this week. "We've tried to work with and cooperate with Ricky and his people, supporting him in his time every way we can.

"At the same time, we have not made a decision because we don't have all the information."

Toronto's 2006 season kicks off Friday, June 16 and the CFL title game -- the Grey Cup -- is scheduled for late November.

* * *

David Boston is not the only former Dolphins wide receiver signing with an NFC South team this offseason. Derrius Thompson, who started in Miami in 2003 before becoming a backup and then getting released last summer, has signed with the New Orleans Saints.

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