Minicamp Review: Day 3

The Dolphins concluded their veteran minicamp on Sunday with their last of five practices and part of the emphasis was placed on throwing the ball deep. That led to perhaps the most exciting play of the minicamp, a flea-flicker that resulted in a long touchdown pass from Daunte Culpepper to wide receiver Fred Gibson.

Gibson easily beat the defensive back down the sideline and wide receiver Kelly Campbell also easily got behind another defensive back in the middle of the field.

"We're constantly telling the offensive coaches, 'Put it in the regular script when they least expect it because that's when it happens in a game,' " said Coach Nick Saban. "We've run a couple reverses, but that's the first kind of trick-play pass and we were obviously beat by about 20 yards."

Defensive end David Bowens had a different take on the play after practice.

"That was for show because we couldn't hit the quarterback," Bowens said with a smile. "It was time to take advantage of the crowd, last day of camp, deal. I don't know, we have to talk to Pep about that one."

Saban said throwing downfield was something the Dolphins wanted to focus on during their last minicamp practice.

"Philosophically, we want to attack the middle of the field and make the other team defend the middle of the field," Saban said. "That makes a lot of other things work, so the big point of emphasis today is throw the ball down the field. And we made some big plays doing it. We had some misses, the completion percentage is going to be a little less when you do that, but the rewards are going to be a lot greater."

Other news and notes from Sunday's final practice:

-- Saban said X-rays taken on wide receiver Marty Booker's injured left ankle revealed no significant problems. Saban called the injury a "pretty good sprain" and said Booker probably would miss a few days.

-- Safety Renaldo Hill also had X-rays taken on his injured ankle, and Saban called his injury less significant than that of Booker.

-- Rookie linebacker Sam McGrew again was missing from practice on Sunday. McGrew took part in Saturday morning's workout before being a no-show on Saturday afternoon.

-- All five players wearing red jerseys on Saturday were without them on Sunday. Saban joked that the players figured he'd give them a hard time, something that wouldn't have happened anyway because Saban was miked up for the first part of practice.

-- Rex Hadnot continued to work at center and Seth McKinney at right guard, although Saban characterized the switch as "still in the experimenting stage."

-- Manuel Wright and rookie Frederick Evans got a lot of work at nose tackle as the Dolphins continue to look to try to develop a young player at that position. Saban said veteran Jeff Zgonina also would see time at nose tackle, but didn't need the reps this weekend because he wanted to get a look at Wright and Evans.

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