Minicamp Q&A: Chris Chambers

Wide receiver Chris Chambers met with the media after the first day of the veteran minicamp and touched on a variety of subjects, including quarterback Daunte Culpepper, his prospects for the new season and the his new offensive coordinator.

Q. So, how does it feel to be going through another minicamp?

A. "It's a little different atmosphere with all you guys and the fans on the side, so it's pretty exciting, the intensity was up, the heat was up so we had a good practice out there today. ... We've been progressing ever since Pep and Joey (Harrington) has been out here, it all started back three months ago when we started training out here we've progressed from the OTAs now it's minicamp right now, so progress has been pretty good, just working on our routes and timing right now."

Q. You've played with a lot of different quarterbacks; is there an adjustment that has to be done?

A. "It's just an instinct thing. It comes from whichever quarterback is throwing the ball. Gus (Frerotte) throws a different ball than what Daunte throws. Daunte has a little bit more mobility than what A.J. (Feeley) has. You've just got to get a feel for your quarterback. Just from watching Daunte in the past on other teams I kinda know what he can do as far as throwing the ball, but it's a little different once you step out on the field and actually run routes with him. It's a bit of an adjustment. It'll come a little bit faster than what it did with Gus and A.J. and those guys just because we've been on the same page off the jump right now."

Q. Did you talk with other guys who played with Culpepper?

A. "No, I'm just getting a feel for what he can do. It's more he has to get a feel of what I can do as far as throwing the ball and the wing span I have to be able to catch it to make some tough catches and him make some tough throws."

Q. Do you get worried when you see Culpepper scrambling during practice?

A. "No, I'd rather him go out here and react the way he has to react and not think about if he's going to get hurt if he runs down the field 10 or 15 yards. I've seen him do it numerous times already in camp, so it's nothing I think about. Myself and all the other guys are salivating on the opportunity to get some of those broken-down plays -- get a lot of big plays that way with a guy who's mobile. It's something we have to work on. It's something we've been working on that the play is never over and we've got to get used to him scrambling around a little bit."

Q. What are you personal thoughts coming off the best season of your career?

A. "I'm very excited. I just want to polish up my game, polish up my routes, maybe run my routes a lot better, do a couple of things in the slot to move around and understand the overall defensive concepts of everything. It's about me getting polished and working on some of my weaknesses and some of my routes that I'm not very good at."

Q. Dropped passes seemed to be a problem for you at times last season; is that something that concerns you?

A. "Not really, a lot of balls were tough balls. I have the ability to make tough catches that looks like an easy catch but was really a little harder than what it seemed because I'm able to make some of those catches sometimes. It's not something I'm thinking about. I worked on it a little bit more as far as catching low balls in practice. I started doing little catching drills that I wasn't doing earlier in the season and catching more after practice, so once I started doing that I kind of cleaned myself up a little bit."

Q. What differences have you seen between Mike Mularkey and former offensive coordinator Scott Linehan?

A. "I haven't really found out. Mularkey's tough, has a physical nature about himself. He's really detailed. I know that about him. He wants guys to play with patience and confidence. You (will get) to see what the difference is once we start playing games and how he calls games because right now everything is scripted, so we'll see once the preseason comes around."

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