Minicamp Q&A: Travis Daniels

Cornerback Travis Daniels addressed the media after the final practice of the veteran minicamp and discussed, among other things, all the new faces in the secondary and what he discovered when he watched tape of his rookie season.

Q. Does it feel strange at all seeing all those new faces in the secondary?

A. "Not really because we got some real quality guys that came in. We got André Goodman and Will Allen and we just added Jason Allen, so we've got a great group of guys in the secondary. It doesn't feel weird at all."

Q. What has your offseason been like?

A. "The offseason it just consists of a lot of workouts. Even though we've got a lot of time off now, a lot of guys still come in, work out and run. It's almost like we're not taking too much time off from football. It's just a little different now. It's not as many meetings and no game on Sunday, so it's a little different. Overall, it's the same thing."

Q. How do you feel compared to this time last year?

A. "I still feel like I'm improving. I watched a lot of film of myself last year and watched a lot of film on a lot of other cornerbacks in the league. So, I know there's a lot of work for me to do if I'm going to get where I want to get to. So, I just take each day one day at a time and work on something."

Q. Are you a Heat fan?

A. "Yeah, I'm a Heat fan. Shaq, LSU guy, so I'm definitely pulling for them. Wade, Jason Williams, everybody. I think they're going to take it tonight (Sunday night)."

Q. What was the biggest thing you saw of yourself on film?

A. "Me sometimes being inconsistent with my technique. Sometimes, I just kind of play the receiver, try to force him away instead of just playing technique. Sharpen my technique, come up, make a lot more aggressive tackles, I'll be all right."

Q. Is that a mental thing with consistency of focus?

A. "It's a mental thing as well as looking at the guy when you cover them. Sometimes, when receivers know they're about to get the ball, they get down on their stance, they kind of rub their hands together. Sometimes, guys like (Randy) Moss, they just stand up. They don't do anything if they aren't going to get the ball. You kind of pick up on it and sometimes you play to their level when you really should maintain your focus and keep going."

Q. What are your thoughts on the new receivers in camp?

A. "All of them are some really good athletes. (Derek) Hagan, he's got the size, he can catch the jump balls. (Kelly) Campbell's really fast, really quick guy. They're some great additions to the team. Hopefully, they'll be able to make a lot of plays for us."

Q. Your impressions of Daunte Culpepper?

A. "Aw, man, Culpepper, he's better in person than he is on Madden. I got one of my friends, we play Madden all the time and he's always picking 'Pepper and killing me with him. But to actually see him throw the ball, looking at him face on, it's crazy. He's great. That's all you can say."

Q. So opposing cornerbacks better watch out, huh?

A. "Aw man, if y'all don't know, you better start watching film now."

Q. What can the addition of Culpepper do for the team?

A. "He's definitely given a boost to the team. But everybody knows that people individually have got to go out there and make sure we do our part. If everybody doesn't do their part and we just rely on 'Pepper, we ain't going to have too much success. If everybody does what they have to do, it'll take a lot off of him. And we're not trying to put too much pressure on him anyway. Come out, you play your game and everybody else contribute, do what they've got to do and make everybody successful."

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