Taylor: No Locker Room Issue

Defensive end Jason Taylor addressed the media for the first time this training camp and talked about several on-field issues before the subject of his divorce proceedings was brought up. It was brought up only because Taylor is married to the sister of Zach Thomas, which also resulted in the question that many have been asking, that of whether there could be a problem in the locker room.

Taylor left no doubt as to where he stood on the issue.

"First of all, we addressed the situation (regarding the divorce) with the statement a long time ago and I'd appreciate everybody respecting our privacy and leave it at that," Taylor said.

"As far as the question about the locker room, to be quite frank, I think it's ridiculous that anybody would even think that. We're professionals, guys."

With that, the interview was over.

It was a question Taylor probably could have done without, but one that needed to be asked, given the fact that Taylor and Thomas happen to be the two most important players on the defense, not to mention the two guys who have been there the longest.

We have yet to hear from Zach Thomas this training camp, but there's no question the same question will be asked of him.

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