Thursday Practice Report

The Dolphins had several players miss practice or wearing the no-contact red jersey, but Coach Nick Saban said none of the team's injuries were significant.

"If we have a significant injury, we'll tell you about it," Saban said. "If we have guys that have small injuries and they're just day-to-day, which is what these guys are, we're not going to make comments about it.

"It's nothing significant. It's just something that happens when you're practicing this much relative to how much you're running, how much you're doing, that when we feel guys start getting a little strain, we want to give him enough time where we don't break them down."

Saban went on to add that the Dolphins didn't have "anybody past day-to-day in terms of what they have."

That comment was particularly interesting in light of the injury sustained by cornerback Travis Daniels on Wednesday night.

Daniels watched Thursday's practice from a cart with his right foot in a protective boot.

"He may be a few days, but it's still day-to-day," Saban said. "When we get the swelling out, we'll see."

In addition to Daniels, other players who missed practice included Chris Chambers, Seth McKinney, Jason Taylor and Shirdonya Mitchell.

Those wearing red jerseys were cornerback Will Poole, wide receiver Kelly Campbell and defensive tackle Howard Green.

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