Monday Practice Report

Jason Taylor again was among those missing practice on Monday, but it looks like he might be close to returning to action.

Taylor did some exercises on the field on Monday and, in Coach Nick Saban's words, "hopefully will be ready to come back soon."

Also missing Monday's practice were defensive tackle Manuel Wright, guard Seth McKinney, cornerback Travis Daniels and cornerback Will Poole.

Saban has continued to categorized Wright's absence as a "personal issue," although it appears to be related to his conditioning.

* * *

Saban said that he had not decided on a game plan for his quarterbacks for Saturday's preseason opener against Jacksonville.

When asked whether he was concerned about Culpepper taking his first hit, Saban replied: "It's gotta happen sooner or later."

* * *

Rookie Joe Toledo took some snaps at center on Monday, switching places with Wade Smith, who lined up at left guard on those plays.

* * *

Saban said first-round pick Jason Allen would be given a few days to get into the swing of things after signing before he would be placed in a game situation. That means that's Allen probably would miss the preseason opener even if he were to sign in the next couple of days.

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