What's Up With Wright?

The strange saga of Manuel Wright took another twist on Wednesday, and it has become legitimate to ask whether the defensive tackle will play again for the Dolphins.

Coach Nick Saban said Wednesday the Dolphins had received a roster exemption for Wright, although he didn't get into specifics.

Wright hasn't practiced since last Friday and his agent, Peter Schaffer, has confirmed the reason for Wright's absence.

"We're dealing with a few personal issues," Schaffer said. "That's all we're going to say."

For his part, Saban described the situation this way: "That's an internal management (issue) that we're trying to work through and deal with with the league as well as with the player, so when there's something to report in terms of what we're going to do in the final analysis, we'll be glad to do that."

It's no big secret that conditioning has been a major issue with Wright, who out of shape in training camp last summer, then packed on about 20 pounds this offseason.

He dropped some weight before the start of camp, but missed practiced last Wednesday because he felt ill.

The next day, Wright talked about how things were much better this summer than last, both from a conditioning and mental standpoint.

That was the last time he practiced.

Wright obviously has loads of physical talent, but he also has yet to show he's willing to pay the price to become an NFL player, let alone a great one.

We don't know what the "personal issues" are, but you obviously can't help get the feeling that at some point Saban is going to decide that enough is enough and that Wright simply is never going to pan out.

But, as Saban pointed out, nothing has been decided yet. It's just a strange situation that keep getting stranger.

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