What To Look For

There no doubt will be a great deal of attention paid to quarterback Daunte Culpepper Saturday night when the Dolphins open their preseason schedule against Jacksonville. But that's just one of the things we should watch.

Culpepper's appearance in the game figures to be very brief. In fact, don't be surprised if he plays only one series if the Dolphins get a first down or two in their first possession.

Nick Saban has said all four quarterbacks on the roster will see action, and we would expect that Joey Harrington would play until late in the second quarter or until halftime, with the second half being split between Cleo Lemon and Brock Berlin.

The rest of the first team also won't play that much, starting with running back Ronnie Brown, who the Dolphins absolutely can't afford to lose to injury.

So this is going to be a night for the younger players to show what they can do.

And there's really no one we're more anxious to see in a game setting than rookie Marcus Vick. He has looked very (we mean VERY) impressive in practice so far, so it will be interesting to see if he can carry that good work to games.

If he can, this guy will make the roster.

Offensively, the other thing we're curious to see is whether backup running backs Kay-Jay Harris and Gerald Riggs Jr. can show enough to convince Saban to keep them on the 53-man roster.

Defensively, we're anxious to see if Matt Roth's progress at training camp is as good as we think it is.

In fact, most of the young players the Dolphins need to see develop on defense play on the line -- and that, of course, does not include Manuel Wright, who is not going to be in uniform.

Finally, the Dolphins could use a little more pizzazz in the kickoff return game, so keep an eye on the guys who get a chance in this game and the rest of the preseason.

If someone can make a mark in that department over the next four weeks, a roster spot could be won.

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