Coach Dave Wannstedt said Friday afternoon that there were more positions open for competition during training camp than many people think, and he followed by indicating that fullback was one of those spots.<P>

That came as a clear surprise because fullback Rob Konrad has started the last three seasons and it was taken for granted that he would start again this season.

But the Dolphins' new offense will feature the fullback as a pass-catching weapon, and that has created a lot of uncertainty in Wannstedt's mind.

The addition of former Baltimore starter Obafemi Ayanbadejo, who drew praise from Wannstedt after the morning practice, has only added to the puzzle.

"The fullback position is kind of funny," Wannstedt said. "Rob has talent and he has had a nice offseason, but because of the style of offense that we've run, he hasn't had many opportunities. So there's a little bit of an unknown there."

Konrad caught 34 passes in his rookie season in 1999 when Kippy Brown was the offensive coordinator, but he had only 19 receptions the last two years combined while Chan Gailey was the coordinator.

Because of what he did as a rookie, and because of what he did at Syracuse, Konrad still would have to rank as the favorite to land the starting job. And he said Friday he expected to start.

But Wannstedt is taking more of a wait-and-see attitude.

"Rob, Deon and Femi will have get the opportunity to show what they can do," the coach said. "Is it open? I don't know. I'm not positive how those are going to do. That makes it exciting. I guess it would be open for competition.

"It's going to be the guy that I feel, and that the coaches feel, gives us the best chance to win."

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