Wright Reaction

Coach Nick Saban acknowledged Wednesday that he met with defensive tackle Manuel Wright, but attacked a newspaper report suggesting the meeting could lead to Wright's return to the team.

"Guys, when we have medical issues with players, they're confidential," Saban said. "You get this information from other sources, I don't really think that's good for our club, but it's mostly inaccurate and the ... what do I want to call it ... the judgments that you make from the information that you get is still totally inaccurate, it's wrong. It is what it is.

Because I had a meeting with the guy doesn't mean anything, does it? And then it's headlines in the papers today. Because you're drawing a conclusion to something you know nothing about. Nothing. It's bad for our team, it's bad for our fans because they get mis-information. I don't think it says a lot about professionalism, either."

The story in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, headlined "Saban working to get Wright back," quoted agent Peter Schaffer as saying Wright had "turned the corner in terms of getting back on his feet and getting ready to play football and moving on with his life."

When asked about the report, Saban said, "The fact that I met with him wasn't wrong. The assumption that he's coming back because I met with him is completely wrong. I mean, there's a lot of confidential issues that I'm not going to discuss that need to be resolved. And speculating like that, I mean, I just don't think ... it's not fair to anybody. We all got to get it right. We got to get it right as coaches; everybody's got to get it right. Right? I'm sure when we don't get it right you guys will let me know."

Wright, who remains on the exempt/left squad list, last practiced with the Dolphins on Aug. 3.

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