Countdown to First Cuts

The Dolphins, like every other team in the NFL, must get down to 75 players by 4 p.m. Tuesday, and unlike years past the NFL Europe exemptions expire with this first cut. The Dolphins began the day with 91 players, not including defensive tackle Manuel Wright, for whom the team has an exemption. That means 16 moves will have to be made.

So what are the most likely options?

Well, you can start with two logical steps, the placing of rookie free agent wideout Eric Kimble on injured reserve and the placing of seventh-round pick Rodrique Wright on reserve/PUP or injured reserve.

There's also a chance you could see Seth McKinney placed on IR, depending on how long the Dolphins believe he'll be out following his recent neck surgery.

Among the players likely to be included in the first wave of cuts, some names jump out. They include K Ola Kimrin, P Thomas Olmsted, DB Siddeeq Shabazz, CB Art Thomas, LB Matt Sinclair, LB Sam McGrew, DE Ben Ishola, G C.J. Brooks, G Emmanuel Akah, WR Jason Willis, WR Jamall Broussard, QB Brock Berlin and RB Gerald Riggs JR.

At this time last year, long-snapper Ed Perry was a surprise cut, but we're not anticipating anything that significant this time, unless it's Nick Saban finally deciding he's had enough of Manuel Wright and decides to cut him.

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