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The Dolphins are keeping a close eye on Tropical Storm Ernesto as it makes its way toward South Florida, but were proceeding as normal as of Tuesday morning.

The Dolphins have had a lot of experience in recent years -- too much, really -- with rescheduling games because of hurricanes, but it's something they don't want to do this time around.

Because the Dolphins open next Thursday, they certainly don't want to push the game back to Friday and the game also wouldn't be moved up because the storm will have passed by then.

At it stands, the game will be played barring unforeseen late developments.

* * *

St. Louis head coach Scott Linehan will make his return to South Florida on Thursday and he addressed the South Florida media in a conference call on Monday.

It actually was interesting to chat with Linehan, who spoke to the media only once last season because of Nick Saban's ban on assistants being interviewed.

When asked what he might have said last season had he been allowed to talk, Linehan quipped, ""I don't know. I'm not a real interesting guy, so you guys weren't missing out on anything anyway."

Linehan did indicate he has a lot of respect for Saban, and said the Dolphins could be "scary" this season.

* * *

In case you missed it, the Dolphins have announced that former tackle Richmond Webb and former safety Dick Anderson will be added to the Honor Roll this year.

Anderson will be honored Dec. 3 at halftime of the home game against Jacksonville, while Webb will be honored Christmas night when the Dolphins face the Jets.

* * *

Good news in the injury department, with Kelly Campbell and Michael Lehan both returning to practice. CB Travis Daniels also might be getting closer to coming back, as he was doing some agility drills during practice on Monday.

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