Scrambling for a Running Back

Coach Nick Saban said all throughout training camp that the Dolphins were looking for help at the backup running back position, and it's now clear that they need it after word came out that Sammy Morris will be suspended for the first four games of the season. But we think a potential addition might have popped up on Friday.

Veteran Antowain Smith was among several players released by the Houston Texans, and the feeling here is that he would fit the bill for what the Dolphins need.

Smith isn't an explosive back, but he's solid and he's coming off a pretty good preseason for the Texans, who simply decided to go with younger players.

At 34, Smith doesn't have many years left, but he's certainly good for this season and he would represent an upgrade over Morris -- even if Morris hadn't been suspended.

Now, the Dolphins might have to fight other teams for Smith's services and also would have to agree to contract terms, but one potential competitor for his services was eliminated when the Rams signed former Redskins and Panthers running back Stephen Davis.

Also, other options are sure to follow this weekend as teams get down to the NFL roster limit of 53, but there are no guarantees. There also was very little available in terms of players without a team.

So right now, Smith sure looks like a viable option for the Dolphins.

Stay tuned.

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