Culpepper a Big Concern

Probably the biggest reason for the high hopes and high expectations surrounding the Dolphins heading into the season was the presence of Daunte Culpepper at quarterback. But after two games, the sad truth is he might be the biggest reason the Dolphins are 0-2. And that, more than anything, is the reason to be concerned about Miami's bad start to the season.

After throwing two costly interceptions late in the season-opening loss to Pittsburgh, Culpepper followed that up with a really poor performance against Buffalo.

Culpepper looked hesitant in the pocket all afternoon, and his holding on to the ball played a part in Buffalo coming up with seven sacks during the game.

There also were instances where Culpepper made bad decisions, the most glaring example being the second-quarter interception where he threw into triple coverage at a time when the Dolphins were poised to tie the game or take the lead going into halftime.

It seems pretty clear to anyone watching that Culpepper is not moving fluidly in the pocket, and it's not unreasonable to suggest that he still has a ways to go before he gets back to 100 percent.

Culpepper didn't throw the ball downfield much at all against the Bills, which either says he's not seeing the field or his receivers aren't getting open or a combination of both.

Any way it shakes it out, Culpepper obviously is struggling.

Culpepper's slow start also looks like a continuation of his struggles of last season before his knee injury.

With as much as the Dolphins have invested him, it's imperative that Culpepper turn things around, or it's going to be a long season in Miami.

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