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Tennessee quarterback Vince Young has gotten playing time in each of the Titans' first two games of the 2006 season and it seems a matter of time before the former University of Texas star takes over as the starting quarterback on a full-time. Young spoke to members of the South Florida media on Wednesday and touched on a variety of subjects, including his pre-draft visit with the Dolphins.

Q. How would you describe your NFL experience so far?

Young: "Sweeeeet! [Laughs] It's pretty cool. I'm having a good time. I've learned a whole lot and made a lot of good progress each week. I'm getting better and better. The guys we have in here give me a lot of confidence and I've got a lot of confidence in myself, so it all works out. It all helps me out a whole lot."

What has been the biggest adjustment from the college level to the NFL?

Young: "It's different terminology. For four years at Texas, I ran an offense and was very comfortable with that. Stepping up to another offense and trying to learn this terminology, that's the only thing. But everything else, the speed of the game ... My speed is pretty up to quick already. All I've got to do is get my mental part and the speed of the game."

How would you compare the offense you ran at Texas to the one you're running in Tennessee?

Young: "There are different concepts, but they're pretty much the same. Coach Brown and Coach Davis, we had a pro-style offense. We had similar things to what Peyton Manning was running and the Giants. Here, it's the same thing. It's just the terminology and different words and things like that. But overall, football doesn't change that much."

Q. There was a lot of talk about your throwing motion heading into the draft; have you been asked to make any adjustments since joining the Titans?

Young: "No, everything is fine. They said don't try to fix anything that isn't broke. I'm still throwing the ball downfield and doing a good job at that."

Q. Are you finding yourself even more in the spotlight in the state of Tennessee than you were during his career at UT?

Young: "In college when I was making a name for myself, I got a lot of spotlight there because we were pretty much an NFL team. Being a quarterback there, you get a lot of the spotlight. Ever since we won the Rose Bowl, it's been a blessing for one but it's been crazy. My coaches and P.R. guy have helped me a whole lot and my manager with all the different things, getting me more comfortable because there are a lot of things going on besides studying my offense and things like that."

Q. Can you describe how crazy one of those crazy days can get?

Young: "You've got practice and meetings all day and then you've got to go do some marketing thing or photo shoots. Some days you get really backed up. But when you get through those days, you're happy it's over and you can go home and lay your head down to rest."

Q. How difficult is it for you not be starting right now?

Young: "It's real difficult. I love to compete and I want to be out there playing. It's like at UT. I had to be patient. I wasn't brought here for no reason. I wasn't brought to UT for no reason. I've just got to be patient and wait for my time. But in the meantime while I'm on the sideline, I've got to get mentally prepared to make myself better and prepare to play. That's what I'm doing right now. I learned that in college. It prepared me for the next level."

Q. Did you talk to any former or current NFL quarterbacks about making the adjustment to the pro level?

Young: "Mostly, I talked to Vick. Most of my talks have been pre-game. I've talked to Brett. I talked to Culpepper one time when I was down there (for a pre-draft visit). I talked to Kurt Warner. I talked to a lot of the quarterbacks. They didn't give me a whole lot of knowledge right now but to be patient and let the game come to me and make sure I'm studying the mental game and I'll be all right."

Q. Can you talk about your pre-draft visit with the Dolphins, and did you think there was any possible way you could somehow wind up getting drafted by them?

Young: "Just knowing the history between me and Coach Saban, we have a lot of history behind us. He likes me as a person and a player. There's always a chance (of being drafted someplace unexpected). I had my mind pretty much open. I didn't have my mind set on one team. You've got to be ready because you never know in the draft. A team might do this and a team might do that and maybe I would have been picked up. Whoever picked me, I was going to commit myself to that team."

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