Behind Enemy Lines, Part 1

To get the lowdown on the Dolphins' next opponent, the Houston Texans, we turned to Texan Blitz publisher J.P. Crawford. Here is his take on 10 pertinent questions about the Texans.

Dolphin Digest: Are the Texans as bad a team as it looks from the outside?

J. P. Crawford: As sad as it is to say, I think they may be but it is still very early in the season. The Texans have one of the most difficult schedules in the NFL and were expected even by hardcore fans to lose the first six games, so this start isn't a surprise. After a strong showing during the preseason, I think we may have given the team a bit too much credit, but they still looked horrible for the most part the past three weeks. They have a new head coach, a new coaching staff, and are starting more rookies than anyone in the NFL. Hopefully these moves will be worth it, but it looks like the Texans will struggle again this season.

DD: How is Dolphins assistant and former Houston head coach Dom Capers viewed by Texans fans?

JPC: There are fans that still like Capers and think he could have brought the Texans around given a little more time. The majority believes that Capers had done all he could for the team and a replacement was necessary. After finishing with only two wins last year — which is two less than the team had its inaugural season — it was clear that the Texans were no longer considered "new" to the NFL and fans wanted to at least be competitive. I think most people believe 4 years is plenty of time to at least generate a single winning season, especially given the draft order the Texans have had in their short franchise history.

DD: David Carr has a good quarterback rating, but it seems a lot of his stats have been compiled after the outcome has been decided. Has he improved at all under Gary Kubiak?

JPC: Absolutely. Carr has shown some sparks of what he is capable of, provided he has the support. He finally has two quality receivers to throw to with Andre Johnson and Eric Moulds and has even worked in a few touchdowns to tight ends Mark Bruener and rookie Owen Daniels. Given the protection necessary from the offensive line, he could become one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL.

DD: Is there any reason for the Dolphins to be concerned about the Texans running game considering the backs on the roster are Ron Dayne, Wali Lundy and Samkon Gado?

JPC: I'd love to tell you yes, but the Texans have not been able to generate a running game yet this season. Rookie Wali Lundy looked good in preseason and earned the starting role for the first two weeks, but has since been outperformed by Dayne and Gado. Of all these, Dayne has been the most productive of the three, but still hasn't made enough of an impact to assist the passing game at all.

DD: Eric Moulds has given the Dolphins problems in the past. Has he shown big-play ability in his short time with the Texans?

JPC: I really like watching Moulds in practice. His experience is obvious and he still has great skill. With the unpredictability of the offensive line and David Carr, there is always the potential for a big play, but it will likely come from Johnson rather than Moulds. Moulds was selected by Kubiak to be brought in and pass his experience and knowledge down to Johnson and it seems to be working out well all around for the team. Moulds has proven to be a great target for Carr.

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