Nobody has been able to slow down defensive tackle Larry Chester in training camp, but there is something that has been a problem. That would be his surgically repaired left fibula, which has caused him to miss some practice time.<P>

The good news is that Chester has been told by doctors that his leg will continue to improve. The bad news is that he has been forced to miss practice from time to time.

And that has been frustrating for the Dolphins free agent acquisition.

"It's hard to do, but when your body tells you you can't go, there's no arguing with that," Chester said. "When your body says no, you've got to listen."

So far, Chester has been able to work out every day, but he has skipped some sessions when the Dolphins have two practices the same day.

Chester said Wednesday morning his foot was sore, but it can get downright painful when he's practicing. He said the pain is most evident when he's engaged in a battle with offensive linemen.

"It's bad," he said. "At some points that's all you can think about."

Chester isn't the only one in this situation. Guard Mark Dixon is coming back from the same injury, and the two have talked frequently about their recovery.

For Chester, the time off is particularly significant because he is new to the team.

But he's also looking forward to getting back to full health.

"The doctors assured me in due time it will get better," Chester said. "It'll get stronger."

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