Wednesday was a very busy day for Jay Fiedler, and a very important one as well. It included a trip to Pittsburgh and a spirited practice.

Fiedler hopped on Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga's private plan and flew to Pittsburgh in the morning to meet with Dr. Marc Philippon, who performed Fiedler's hip surgery back on July 19.

Philippon checked out the progress on Fiedler's hip, and gave the quarterback an encouraging report.

"He said the hip is in great shape," Fiedler said. "It was a nice, smooth finish around the bone, the femur. He said if there is some soreness, I can work through it right now. It's not any soreness that could give me a setback in my progress. I still have some tightness in the muscle around the joint. I just have to keep loosening that up and work through everything."

Then it was back on the plane, and the return flight to Miami. The whole trip, Fiedler joked, went too smoothly.

"It was nice," Fiedler said. "I couldn't believe I was in Pittsburgh (in the) morning and back by 2 o'clock. I made it back by meetings. We tried stalling the plane a little bit, but they seemed to get a little bit of a tailwind, and we got back in time."

Following the meetings, Fiedler joined his teammates for the afternoon practice, which opened with 330-pound guard Jamie Nails running a pass pattern against 310-pound defensive tackle Jermaine Haley.

Nails beat Haley deep down the middle, and Fiedler hit him with a perfect pass.

On the first play in team drills, Fiedler threw a pass that was intercepted by cornerback Jamar Fletcher. But Fiedler was sharp in the two-minute drill, completing his first four passes.

After the workout, Fiedler talked about his day with reporters.

"It's great to be back out taking part in the whole full practice, working with a little bit of a live rush, seeing everything come at me and come across my face," he said. "It's a lot more realistic right now."

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