Harrington To Start Against Jets

Coach Nick Saban indicated on Monday that Joey Harrington will start against the New York Jets next weekend as the team's training staff continues to try to help Daunte Culpepper regain some of the mobility he lost as the result of his 2005 knee injury.

Saban stressed that the quarterback situation would be evaluated on a weekly basis as the team monitors Culpepper's progress.

The issue, Saban said, is waiting for Culpepper to regain some of the "explosiveness" in his movement. Saban said Harrington would continue to play until the feeling was that Culpepper could perform and have the ability to move around.

It was fairly obvious in the first four games of the regular season that Culpepper's mobility wasn't what it needed to be, and that contributed to him getting sacked 21 times.

Saban also took issue with published reports indicated that he and Culpepper got into a heated argument at practice on Friday.

"Daunte was never really disrespectful to me," Saban said. "It's not an issue for me and it's not an issue for him."

Saban, however, fully understands that Culpepper is not happy about not playing.

"I would be disappointed if he didn't want to play," Saban said. "I respect the fact that he's disappointed that he's not where he wants to be, that he's not out there playing.

"We have to make the decision with his best interest in mind. That's what we're doing now."

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