Monday Observations

So what can we make of the Dolphins' latest loss, the one that left so many players saying they were embarrassed, the one that left Zach Thomas saying he didn't care if his team played a high school team if it meant getting a victory? What do we make of the rest of the season and what can be salvaged? As has been the case this year, Monday has brought a lot more questions than answers.

For example, why is it that Olindo Mare can be booming kicks all year, whether they be field goals or kickoffs, but then fall woefully short on a 51-yard attempt that could have tied Sunday's game against the Jets?

Why is it that Ronnie Brown could have his best game of the season, run hard, carry defenders, yet fail on the fourth-and-1 run when the blocking up front was adequate and he simply did a poor job of leaning forward or twisting ahead?

Why is it that the receivers all would decide to start dropping passes on the same day?

Why is it that the Dolphins can rack up about 200 yards on offense and 14 points in the fourth quarter, but do nothing in the firs three?

Oh, and this all happened despite the offensive line having its best game of the season.

Yes, it is incredibly frustrating being a Dolphins fan these days because it seems they always seem to do just enough to get themselves beat.

The biggest issue, of course, continues to be the offense. The Dolphins have yet to score more than 17 points in any game this season, tying a franchise record for futility.

This ties the longest drought at the beginning of the season without a 20-point outing. The previous record was set in 2004, and we all remember what happened that season.

By the way, the Dolphins beat St. Louis, 31-14, in Game 7 that season, which means the Dolphins will set a bad record if they fail to reach 20 points against the lowly Green Bay Packers on Sunday.

For the first part of the season, the blame on offense was placed on the offensive line and on Daunte Culpepper not being back at 100 percent. Then it was just the offensive line.

But, again, there was nothing wrong with the quarterbacking (other than one hideous pass in the first half) or the offensive line on Sunday. So, again, more questions.

Defensively, we came into the season worried about the secondary and nothing that has happened has changed that feeling.

That makes it even worse that first-round pick Jason Allen can't get himself onto the field. Really, could he do worse in coverage than safety Travares Tillman, who plays the run well but has major deficiencies in pass defense.

At this point, why not get Allen in there and see what he can do.

Maybe it will help. Who knows? At this point, anything is worth trying.

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