Running back Ricky Williams has enjoyed a productive training camp so far in his first summer with the Miami Dolphins, and he took some time after Saturday morning's practice with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to share his thoughts on a variety of subjects.

• On practicing against the Buccaneers defense: "Any time you work against a different team, especially when you don't game plan, it makes you make some adjustments. I think it is good in the long run, so when we play teams that play this type of defense we are going to have a head start on them."

• On playing against a team that plays the run as well as Tampa Bay does: "It is not necessarily the talent level. It's just the different looks right now. In camp learning a new offense, we are trying to learn different looks and how to adjust to different alignments."

• On how comfortable he thinks he will be in Norv Turner's offense: "I think a lot depends on how comfortable everyone else is. If everyone picks it up at the same pace I think we are going to be more efficient and everyone is going to feel better."

• On if there is anyone in the league that likes to talk as much as Warren Sapp: "Not that I've been around."

• On if Sapp makes him laugh: "Sometimes it is kind of funny, the things that he will say. He's not afraid to say anything. If he thinks a player isn't very good ... like I think he went up to Coach Wannstedt and said, '75 (Todd Perry) should be cut' or something. Just funny things like that."

• On if Sapp says anything to him: "No. (laughter)"

• On if the team notices the atmosphere around Orlando, with the thousands of people at practice: "I think with the new defense we have to learn and look at, we are more focused at what we have to do as getting better as a team as opposed to what is going on around us."

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