Vick Ready for Big Opportunity

Marcus Vick got a call from the Dolphins Tuesday morning to report to team headquarters, and it was there that he got the good news. The Dolphins were promoting him from the practice squad to the active roster. For Vick, it was a nice reward for justifying the Dolphins' faith in him. It also was just a first step.

Vick said it was General Manager Randy Mueller who informed him he was being put on the active roster, taking the place of fellow wideout Cliff Russell.

There was no thought in Vick's mind that the news he was going to get would be bad, such as being released from the practice squad.

"Not really because I knew I did everything I could do to stay on the team or the practice squad," Vick said Wednesday. "I'm just out here busting my butt every day for this team, doing everything I can do to make myself better day in and day out."

Exactly what Vick's role or even when he'll make his NFL debut remains to be seen, according to Coach Nick Saban.

What we do know is that Vick has made significant progress since the start of the regular season. He also has done everything asked of him since signing with the Dolphins as an undrafted rookie free agent.

Vick, like so many other rookies, used getting snubbed in the draft as extra motivation.

"It helped the whole time," he said. "From the day after the draft, I was like, 'I screwed up my chances, so it's finally up to myself to put myself where I want to be.' Now, I'm here."

Actually, Vick is ahead of where many thought he would be at this stage of his development as a wide receiver.

Remember, this is a guy who played quarterback at Virginia Tech.

"Well, he's obviously done very well," said quarterback Joey Harrington. "Thinking of how he played during minicamp to how he's playing now, he's done extremely well -- especially for never playing the position before. He's got some things to learn still. Obviously, he's not fully there yet. But he's close enough where we can put him in the game when we need to and feel comfortable that he's going to do the right thing."

As mentioned before, there's no guarantee Vick will be in uniform anytime soon. For Sunday's game against Green Bay, it might depend on the status of wideouts Marty Booker and Wes Welker, both of whom are listed as questionable with different injuries.

But this is just the beginning for Vick.

"We think the guy can be a good player," said Saban. "And if he can keep moving in the right direction and continuing to develop, hopefully he'll be an impact player for us sometime in the near future."

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