Behind Enemy Lines, Part 1

To get the lowdown on the Dolphins' next opponent, the Green Bay Packers, we turned to Packer Report managing editor Todd Korth. Here is his take on 10 pertinent questions about the Packers.

Q: The Packers are 1-4 and appear even worse than the Dolphins. What's the general mood of the team as far as the rest of the season is concerned?

Korth: The Packers have a young team with 18 rookies and first-year players on the 53-man roster. Despite the record, the mood is upbeat. Of the five games that they've played, the Packers had very good chances of beating New Orleans in Week 2 and St. Louis in Week 5, but fell short.

Q: The focal point obviously is Brett Favre. How has he played so far this season?

Korth: Favre has made every attempt to play more in control within Mike McCarthy's West Coast scheme. He's not taking as many downfield shots as last year, which has resulted in fewer interceptions. With five INTs, he's on pace to throw 16 this season compared to a career-high 29 last year.

Q: How is Favre dealing with the fact he's playing for an also-ran in what could be his final season?

Korth: Don't count on this season being the last for Favre. I feel he will play for one or two more years. He simply loves playing football. Though Favre says he'll retire as a member of the Packers, it is very possible that he may be playing for another team next year. The Titans traded Steve McNair, a good friend of Favre, to the Ravens and that worked out well. I'm sure Favre is taking notes.

Q: Favre is 17 touchdown passes away from Dan Marino's career record; how big of a motivation is that for him?

Korth: He will downplay the record publicly, but I'm sure he thinks about it all the time. Marino's touchdown record and Favre's consecutive starts streak (226 regular season games and counting) are two biggies to the future Hall of Famer.

Q: Is there any talk in Green Bay that the Packers will turn to Aaron Rodgers at quarterback at some point this season if things keep going as poorly as they have?

Korth: Lots of talk, and columns on! That has been a topic throughout the offseason and into this season. It will become even a bigger topic as the season progresses if the Packers continue to lose. If that's the case, look for McCarthy to pull Favre a little sooner in games that are out of reach and insert Rodgers.

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