Monday Observations

There were a lot of things going through my mind watching the Dolphins' dismal effort against Green Bay on Sunday afternoon, and most of them were pretty negative.

Things like that:

-- Where does Will Allen get off taunting Green Bay tight end Bubba Franks just because he stripped the ball away to force an incompletion. Dude, your team is 1-5. Shhh!

Allen said after the game he was surprised he was flagged for taunting because he didn't curse. Brilliant logic! You get in the guy's face, standing over him, expect to draw a flag.

-- We've heard many times already that Chris Chambers isn't getting the ball very often because of protection issues, coverage schemes, quarterback problems, and on, and on, and on. Blah, blah, blah.

If Chambers is supposed to be an elite receiver (and that's a big IF), he should be getting the ball no matter what. That means make him a priority and that means getting himself open.

-- Is the Dolpins receiving corps that bad? What was it with all the dropped passes? Just brutal.

-- Hate to say this because he's been a great player for so many years, but Zach Thomas has been very, very quiet this season.

Other than an interception against Tennessee, a gift because Jason Taylor hit Kerry Collins' arm as he was throwing, he has not made any impact plays. And on the 70-yard run touuchdown run by Ahman Green, Thomas had a shot at tackling Green near the line of scrimmage -- or at least slowing him down.

He did neither, and Green was off to the races.

-- Of course, it would have helped is safety Renaldo Hill had been able to chase down Green, who is not a burner by any stretch of the imagination.

-- Then again, we shouldn't expect too much from the starting safeties because they, sorry to say, are just not very good. Travares Tillman, in particular, is just having a disastrous season in coverage.

He dropped a potential interception on an overthrown pass by Brett Favre on Sunday and was too slow to get to tight end David Martin on the Packers' last touchdown.

-- The switch of L.J. Shelton and Damion McIntosh on the offensive line has made the unit a little better. Not that this is a great unit, but at least it has played well enough for the Dolphins to put up big offensive numbers the last two weeks.

-- It was tough to see Olindo Mare miss a 53-yard field goal attempt (in essence, killing the Dolphins' last chance to come back) on the same day Tampa Bay won on a 62-yard field goal and Kansas City beat San Diego on a 53-yard kick.

There was a time when Mare was among the top three kickers in the league, but that's just not the case anymore, and he seems to be missing a lot of key kicks these days.

On the flip side, he is a weapon on kickoffs because more often than not he puts the ball in the end zone.

Still, he's paid to make the clutch kicks, too.

-- It's easy to admire Wes Welker for all he does and he's a very good punt returner, but we have to admit it's tough watching a Devin Hester in Chicago return a punt for a touchdown to give the Bears that come-from-behind victory at Arizona.

When, if ever, have the Dolphins had a guy returning kicks where you held your breath on every kick because he was a threat to take it all the way.

Hmm, can't remember, either.

The Bears got Hester with one of their two second-round picks this year. The moral here is that kind of weapon is valuable, and investing a first-day pick (not a first, but a second or a third) on a special kind of returner is not a bad idea and something the Dolphins might want to think about at some point.

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