Military Man Returns

The Dolphins had a new face at practice on Thursday as they welcomed back fullback Kyle Eckel, who returned after being discharged from the armed forces on Tuesday.

The Dolphins received a roster exemption for the remainder of the season for Eckel, who was signed off the New England Patriots practice squad last year.

The Dolphins will lose the roster exemption if they move Eckel to the 53-man active roster, but that's not likely to happen this season.

"We liked him when he was here before," said Coach Nick Saban. "He's athletic, he's quick, he has good hands, he's a good blocker, he's explosive and he is certainly the right type of guy that you want from a toughness and attitude standpoint.

"I think there will be some learning curve for him, getting back into this. Obviously being in the service, he's been working out, but he hasn't been playing football, so we'll try to work him back into it."

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