League officials made a phone call to Dolphins coach Dave Wannstedt on Wednesday to discuss the play in Monday night's game that was brought up for review. And the message from the NFL certainly was an interesting one.

In essence, the league apologized to the Dolphins and told Wannstedt the play SHOULD HAVE been reviewed, contrary to the ruling on Monday night.

To refresh your memory, the Dolphins were trailing 14-10 in the fourth quarter when Tampa Bay quarterback Shaun King threw a screen pass to tight end Tracey Wistrom.

Dolphins defensive end Ernest Grant punched the ball away and it went up in the air before landing on fallen Tampa Bay center Zack Quaccia. It remained lodged on top of Quaccia and Grant, who fell near Quaccia, until Dolphins linebacker Kevin Rollins simply grabbed the ball.

After the play was ruled an incomplete pass, the Dolphins challenged the ruling. After looking at the review, referee Bernie Kukar announced that the play could not be reviewed because the whistle had blown.

It turns out that a premature whistle should not invalidate a completion or interception when the ball never hits the ground.

In other words, the interception should have been allowed. Had it been allowed, the turnover at the Tampa Bay 45-yard line might have been the difference between victory and defeat for the Dolphins.

It didn't really matter Monday night because it was a preseason game, but it would have been a major deal had this occurred in the regular season.

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