Monday Observations

So this is what the Dolphins can do when they actually show up to play? It indeed was a very impressive performance by Miami on Sunday, and maybe the best part was that the margin could have been even bigger. Yes, the Dolphins were that much better than the Bears on Sunday. But where does that leave us now?

Sadly, it probably won't mean much in the final analysis because the Dolphins dug themselves just too big a hole in the first seven games. So, yes, we can see a scenario where the Dolphins got a roll like they did last season, but still only manage to finish 8-8.

On the other hand, it's not like we should assume anything yet just because the Dolphins had one great afternoon. Remember, there were seven stinkers before that (and, yes, we're including the victory over Tennessee in that).

Other thoughts from the game:

-- The offensive line has played much better since L.J. Shelton moved to right guard and Damion McIntosh moved to left tackle, and it was almost flawless against Chicago.

Of all the surprising aspects of the victory over Chicago, total domination of the Bears defensive line by the Miami O-line is right at the top.

So kudos to McIntosh, Shelton, Vernon Carey, Rex Hadnot and Jeno James.

-- Funny how Ronnie Brown all of a sudden looks like a great back when he's got big holes to run through. Look, lay off the guy already. He's a good, solid back. So what if he's not LaDainian Tomlinson? There ain't many like that around.

-- The receivers put up mediocre numbers against the Bears, but do not underestimate the work they did in the blocking department. Every one of those guys at one point or another made a block to spring Brown.

-- Jason Taylor shouldn't make plans for the second weekend of February. He'll be busy in Hawaii that day playing in the Pro Bowl.

-- Look back to a story we wrote late last week about Yeremiah Bell, and the fact that his insertion into the starting lineup was long overdue.

Man, I love being proven right. The guy has always flashed great playmaking ability, so what he did against the Bears was no shock to me. What was shocking was Travares Tillman continuing to start ahead of him.

-- Don't mean to rain of the parade after such a big victory, but Olindo Mare is becoming a major concern. Yes, his 37-yard field goal attempt at the end of the half was blocked, but that was because of a terribly low kick, not great penetration.

-- We want to finish on a high note after such a big victory, so kudos again to the defense for making Rex Grossman look like Kyle Orton.

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