Midseason Report: Offense

The stunning victory over the Chicago Bears was a great way to close what otherwise was a tremendously disappointing first half of the season for the Dolphins. We take time out to look back at that first half, with this installment reviewing the performance of the offense.


Overall performance: This was supposed an area where the Dolphins made significance progress after the acquisitions of Daunte Culpepper and Joey Harrington. We all know what happened with Culpepper, who started the first four games despite clearly not being ready and getting sacked every other down, it seemed. Joey Harrington has looked more sharper, but he's had problem with interception. The Dolphins have gotten a 69.9 passer rating so far, and that's not nearly good enough.

Best player at the position: We'll have to go with Harrington, even though his passer rating is a mediocre 64.6 because he at least has made some things happen.

Most disappointing player: That obviously then becomes Culpepper, but it's not totally his fault because it's now obvious he shouldn't have been in the lineup in the first place.

Position grade: C-


Overall performance: A lot was made of Ronnie Brown not putting up big numbers before his breakout game against the Bears, but the truth is he didn't have a lot of running room to make things happen before that game. That doesn't make Brown blameless because there were times when it seemed it didn't as much as out of some runs -- including a couple of short-yardage situations -- as he should have. Sammy Morris, Lee Suggs and Darian Barnes have contributed at times, although their production hasn't been that significant other than Morris' tremendous catch-and-run against Green Bay.

Best player at the position: That has to be Brown, who has been a lot better than a lot of people would have you believe.

Most disappointing player: Because of expectations, nobody has really disappointed, so we'll go here with Ricky Williams, who once again let down his team with a positive drug test.

Position grade: C+


Overall performance: Anybody who watched the Dolphins play this season knows there have been way, waaaaayyy too many dropped passes. It would be one thing had been there a lot of big plays to offset that, but that's not been the case.

Best player at the position: By far the most dependable receiver in the first half of the season was Wes Welker, who constantly came up with the big catch for the Dolphins.

Most disappointing player: Big, big things were expected from Chris Chambers coming off his first Pro Bowl season, but he was very, very quiet in the first half of the season and dropped too many catchable passes, including some that could have produced big plays. Yes, it's not all on Chambers as far as his numbers are concerned because the Dolphins have to get him the ball, but a great receiver finds a way to make plays regardless of circumstances.

Position grade: C-


Overall performance: It's been pretty much the way it was last year, in that the line started off dreadfully and then started playing better. The improvement this season coincided with the switch of L.J. Shelton from left tackle to right guard and Damion McIntosh from right guard to left tackle. The line is coming off an almost flawless performance against the Bears, which was quite a feat.

Best player at the position: Vernon Carey took a lot of heat after sitting on the bench most of his rookie season and then turning in a mediocre performance in 2005. But he has been very solid at right tackle throughout the season.

Position grade: C

OFFENSIVE MVP: The knee-jerk reaction among many is to go with Welker, and there is some merit to that argument because he appeared to do nothing but make plays early on. But Ronnie Brown has run hard all season and he's on pace for a 1,200-yard season. He's also tied for the team lead with four touchdowns. The fact that some people expected more from Brown should not be held against him. He might not be having a spectacular season, but he's still doing a very good job.

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